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Roquefort Papillon 750g

The taste of Roquefort PAPILLON is inimitable. It is the taste of tradition, of a personality type whose secret lies for the most part in the origins of Penicillium Roqueforti. The sheep are milked morning and night, pastured at altitudes of 750 and 1100 metres, where you find the best quality grasses. The milk, which arrives at the PAPILLON Dairy a few hours after milking, is first curdled then cut into very small cubes, according to the traditional cheese-making methods of the Roquefort Country. Inserted into the sheep’s milk curds as soon as it arrives in the dairy, the Penicillium Roqueforti is one of the essential ingredients to obtain the flavour of the product. It come from the bread made by the PAPILLON Dairy, obtained from rye grains which are grown on acidic terrain at 1000 metres of altitude where all chemical fertilisers are prohibited. Once moulded into form, the cheese is dried and salted. The cheese is then placed on its side in the heart of the caves. Here the ‘fleurines’, which are veritable natural fault lines, link the caves to the fresh air. This allows us to maintain a constant level of humidity. From this point on the Penicillium Roqueforti does its slow work and spreads its blue veins through the heart of the cheese. On average 150 days and more than 70 quality controls are still needed to perfect the making of a PAPILLON Roquefort.

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