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It is a very difficult period for everyone and we completely understand that you need to know the exact date now but unfortunately there is nothing we can do. We are a small business and working around the clock to deliver as fast we can.

If you have placed an order already and prefer a store collection instead (Paddington, London) or if  you would like to cancel/amend your order, please let us know by sending us an email to [email protected]

Please, note that we are not accepting any new orders at this time. The moment we have delivered all current orders, we will resume fulfilling new orders.

Thank you for your understanding and patience
Stay safe
Team Europafoodxb

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Italian cheese
Cow's Mozzarella

Cow's Mozzarella 125g

(no VAT) £0.80
Successfully added
Mozzarella Casa Azurra

Mozzarella Casa Azurra 125g

(no VAT) £1.48
Successfully added
Mozzarella Galbani sachet

Mozzarella Galbani sachet 125g

(no VAT) £1.90
Successfully added
Mozzarella block Galbani

Mozzarella block Galbani 400g

(no VAT) £5.15
Successfully added
Casa Azurra Ricotta

Casa Azurra Ricotta 250g

(no VAT) £2.23
Successfully added
Ambrosi Gorgonzola

Ambrosi Gorgonzola 170g

(no VAT) £3.44
Successfully added
Galbani Mascarpone

Galbani Mascarpone 250g

(no VAT) £3.49
Successfully added
Entremont Grated Parmigiano reggiano cheese

Entremont Grated Parmigiano reggiano cheese 60g

(no VAT) £2.46
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Parmigiano Reggiano block

Parmigiano Reggiano block 150g

(no VAT) £5.69
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